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How to calculate the carbon footprint of the electric car ?

Posted: enders Posted: 23 January 2012 07:16 Category: Electric cars

How to calculate the carbon footprint of the electric car ?


During its utilisation phase, the electric car does not produce any CO2 emission, but it consumes a high quantity of energy « from the plug to the wheel ». During its electricity production phase, necessary to charge the battery, CO2 emissions can vary. The medium number of grams of CO2 emitted per KWh and distributed to the plug depends on the energy mix of the country. Driving an electric car in China and in France has very different impacts on the environment.


According to ADEME (Agency for Environment and Energy Control), the carbon footprint of an electric car (a Renault Fluence-type car) is between 12 and 20 g/km in France. Remember, 75% of the consumed energy in France comes from nuclear power, so it is decarbonated. In Europe, with the current energy mix, this same car will have a medium balance from 60 to 100 g/km. There is just in the extreme case of China, because of the massive use of coal plants, that the electric car balance gets heavier and reaches between 127 and 212 g/km. This is a possible scenario that changes every day, all the more so the energy situation in this country constantly changes.


So, is the electric car really more ecological ?

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